What We Offer

IBuyLand.org is THE place to shop online for incredible deals on Northern Florida land. We believe owning land is one of the best decisions you can make and our goal is to make it easier than ever through our affordable financing options.

The biggest problem people face when it comes to owning land is figuring out how they can pay for it.

Traditional banks don’t make it easy to get loans and having to save up cash to pay retail prices can take years to accomplish.

We want to eliminate this burden and make becoming a land owner, accessible to everybody!

Our team is dedicated to working with your unique situation to make this the easiest and most affordable real estate transaction you’ve ever been a part of.

How We Work

Our process is simple:

1. Join our Exclusive Buyer’s Club

This gives you access to our properties page and get’s you on our mailing list so you’re the first to know about new inventory, discounts and more.

2. Scroll Through Our Inventory And Find Your Property

Our property page provides all the details needed to make an educated decision on the perfect property, as well as displays pictures, tax information, map coordinates, videos, financing options and more.

3. Click the “Buy Now” Button

We accept credit or debit cards on all of our inventory! Simply click the “Buy Now” and choose which payment method is best for you.

4. Complete Our Check Out Process

Once you’ve clicked “Buy Now” our system will guide you through providing us the needed information for the closing documents.

5. Receive Your Closing Documents Via Email

After you’ve successfully checked out, you’ll be provided copies of your closing documents via email for your personal records within 24-48 hours.

That’s it!

Meet The Team

Jaren Barnes

Jaren is our founder and CEO. He’s an active contributor to REtipster.com, an online Real Estate Investing Community that gives people real-world guidance on how to gain freedom through real estate.

He’s a licensed Managing Broker for the state of Indiana and has been working in real estate for over 5 years.

Assiya Barnes

Assiya is our Head of Customer Success. She genuinely cares for every customer’s unique situation and aims to provide the greatest value and insight into finding the perfect property that’s “Right for you.”

If you have questions about a property or financing issues, feel free to reach out to her directly: